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The angle

My angle is that Search can help you save money, provide better services to your customers, enable learning on the job and just make the working life a bit easier.

Search automates data and information:

  • With that I mean that data and information (from now on I will call it all data), being created, update or deleted can automatically trigger actions, show up in emails and on screens.
  • Automating also means that data reveals itself automatically in work processes where it is most likely needed. The user will see data without having had to search, its just there.
  • Search is also automatically massaging, normalising and enriching data, so that it can be used by different systems, it becomes irrelevant where the data is managed, data can be compared seamlessly between systems.

Search humanises data and interaction:

  • Search is also the technology that is the closest to humans. Data interaction is fast, results are relevant (as opposed to yes/no from databases) and linguistics is always in the equation. Search is greatly suitable to select, analyse and synthesise data, documents and streams of information. Big Data here we are (and have been for many years).

Search supports multiple strategies:

  • Locate: you want to find something you know that is there? Search will help you locate it quickly.
  • Learn: you want to learn about something? Search can quickly find you the most relevant information, show related datasets and aspects that help you to see patterns and distill knowledge.
  • Investigate: you want to know what is happening in a dataset? Search can help you by revealing who, what, when and where is involved, by linking multiple datasets, by normalising disparate data and documents.

Search can support your business goals:

  • Know what you know – prevent duplication of work
  • Timely – your contact just switched jobs, you get to know this while you are writing your proposal
  • Complete – consolidate all data and information from all your IT systems to have a complete view on your customers or projects or products, etc.

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